How do I build stakeholder confidence? Deliver Value Early!

Stakeholders can quickly loose confidence in a digital delivery and it is hard to regain.

In the April Agile BA Community we looked at how to build stakeholder confidence through a series of games.

Setting the Scene

I'm a great believer in people learning from each other and this is what the Agile BA Community is all about.

As small teams we graphed the impact on stakeholder confidence and discussed the outcome.

  • What happens if the team deliver value after 2 years?

  • The team misses the 2 years by 6 months?

  • The team deliver a little bit of value every 2 weeks?

  • The team plan to deliver every two weeks but miss one delivery?

Deliver Value Early!

You take a long time to deliver value and you loose your stakeholders confidence! It is very difficult to recover from this position.

Deliver a little bit of value early and they start to be more confident in the team. Frequently add to the value delivered and you are winning.

Here are some principles that we learnt from each other:

Concluding thoughts

I have see this time and time again: you start delivering value early and frequently, your stakeholders become more confident in your ability, they become more engaged and you are able to deliver more value.

Stakeholder confidence is one of many advantages of iterative delivery of small changes.

Hope to see you at the next Agile BA Community where we will be entering Room 101 and talking about project pet hates.