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New Year, New Agile Business Analysis Community.

The North East Rocks!

In the North East corner of England we are looking for better ways to do things. This is often catalysed by a group of like-minded people with similar interests from different sectors and backgrounds getting together and creating awesomeness.

One such group that has just started is the Agile Business Analysis Community. It was created to serve people who have an interest in Agile and / or Business Analysis, whether experienced or new to the idea, everyone has something to contribute. It is designed to be totally inclusive.

It is also a place to eat yummy homemade cakes and drink nice tea!

The start

Opencast kindly hosted our first meeting on the 23rd Jan 2017 . The session goal was to define the aim of the community in a fun and interactive way.

· What do we want to get out of this?

· How do we want to operate?

· What do we want others to get out of this?

· How can we deliver more value as a community than in our constituent parts?

What we did

Individually, we defined our hope and fears (on PostIt notes 😊):

What did we hope the community would do and what did we fear it might / might not do?

Community meeting.

Product Vision Box

Front cover of pamphlet

Ideas were brought together in the form of a pamphlet (Product Vision Box) detailing our aspirations for the next 5 years.

There were some interesting results about how the community could help local and national organisations and charities to flourish.

A weighting was applied to the results to create a word cloud.

Word cloud

What we learnt

1) When you get people together cool stuff happens.

A lot of thought went into the community before we first met. One of the founding principles was “the community is greater than any single member” .

2) Lots of people are interested and that is good, really good!

There was a good mix of people that attended. We had User Research Support Assistants, Heads of Digital, Scrum Masters, Content Writers, Recruiters to name a few and that really added to the event, the mix of experience produced a better outcome.

What’s still to do

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

We didn’t get round to creating a vision statement or BHAG but that can wait for next time.

Learn and Adapt

One thing that is important is to understand and adapt to the community needs. The current thought is that this can be done through a short retro at the end of each session. We did, however, get some useful and very positive feedback from people that came.

Make it more accessible

Some people said they would have loved to come along but were not able to due to childcare commitments. This (or anything else for that matter) should not be a barrier to entry…we need to get our thinking caps on and see how we can have more people providing great input to improve what we are doing.

Concluding thoughts

Around 30 people attended, and the feedback was positive. That is 30 people that sacrificed a Tuesday night to help each other (and the North East) grow, let’s keep it up — something great is starting.

Also, you can’t beat homemade cakes and tea! Have fun and hope to see you there next time.